Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So I realized that I've never featured my bunny Oval-Cakes on here.. which is kind of crazy.

I got Oval about 2 years ago on a whim. I had just finished my finals my junior year and wanted to reward myself by buying something furry. I had been longing for a pet all through college but never really had the proper living arrangements to have one. I was considering getting a dog or maybe a cat until I found out that the apartment I was going to be moving in to didn't allow dogs and charged a lot extra for cats.. so the next logical pet was a rabbit! I had owned some hamsters before and one AWESOME guinea pig named 'Pig' so I figured a rabbit was a decent enough compromise. And what great 'compromise' he was!!

Friend Oval-Cakes on Facebook to see more pictures :3

Here are some pics from his Valentine's Day photo shoot. Enjoy!

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