Wednesday, October 31, 2012

         ◄ H☆PPY HALL☻WEEN ►           

YAY!!! It's finally Halloween (my favorite holiday). Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy's kind of put a damper on the holiday BUT All Hallow's Eve will prevail! Last weekend I was Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye from TLC for Halloween, which was actually a last minute costume made entirely from clothes I already owned (guess it's clear I'm a 90's kid..) and the weekend before that I was... a Candy Corn! I've always wanted to be something "classic Halloween" before like a spider, witch, or black cat but I still wanted to be semi-original.. so a piece of Candy Corn it is!

This weekend I'm having a Halloween BASH and this time around I'm going to be an evil nurse who poisons people called "The Noxious Nurse", part of a 2 person villainous duo that talented Mr. Kyle Harlan thought up. I haven't quite finished getting all the pieces together for it but.. hopefully it'll turn out decent.

I'll leave yall with these (the gif featured up top).. 
Some sugar skulls I illustrated in my free time inspired by greed, faith, love and wealth.


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