Tuesday, September 18, 2012

American Greetings Design-a-Letter Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I joined The Letter Trend Group at American Greetings (where I work now) and participated in a hand-lettering workshop. I had a friggin blasssst! I wasn't able to stay the entire day but at the beginning of the workshop senior designer, Mike Gold gave a great demonstration on how to use pen & ink to create letter forms. At our disposal was a plethora of different inking pen nibs, brushes, pencils, and even twigs and sticks (my favorite)! It was a pretty loose workshop where everyone was free to create as much or as little as they wanted; a letter, a word, a sentence... whatever! We were given a list of frequently used words and phrases for AG cards like "Mom", "Holidays", "Enjoy", etc. It was so nice to work with my hands again, I haven't used pen & ink since college. I definitely plan on dusting off my ink set and water color paper block and doing more of this kind of stuff at home :)

Raw inked and colorized Photoshop versions