Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last week my boyfriend and I went on vacation to Disney World! It was my first time there, ever!! We drove straight through (bleh.. 17hrs) and stayed for 3 days in Orlando and 2 in Daytona.

The first Disney park we decided to go to was the former MGM Studios now Disney's Hollywood Studios. As soon as we entered the park I found myself drawn to all the exaggerated Art Deco architecture pulled from the 1920's/30's. Personally, I think Disney's over-the-top cartoon like take on classic Deco style is awesome! It makes it easy to find common shapes, patterns, and forms throughout buildings. Instead of taking the standard pictures of goofy or of my boyfriend and I standing infront of some ride I was more keen on pointing the camera up at all the overlooked architectural beauties and squatting down to take photos of interesting garbage can signs or water-fountain tiles. Don't get me wrong, we took plenty of obligatory corny Diseny World photos to show the parents too!

Here's a collection of some of the Deco bits I really loved!

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