Thursday, January 19, 2012


Recently I got back in touch with my fine art side. My good friend Bethany Clark had a farewell fashion show a couple weeks ago before she left to work for KeoK'Jay Design in Cambodia. The show was very collaborative with designs from a few individuals. I created these paintings to be hung at the show. I had a lot of fun making them! Right now I'm obsessed with bright neons, geometric art-deco inspired shapes, and animal prints... these paintings combine all three :3


My Mood Board is an ipad application that helps creative professionals brainstorm and organize their thoughts and inspiration.

The application is a virtual mood board. The user can create, find, capture and store creative inspiration on a project by project basis. It’s an easy and simple way to organize inspiration for a creative project that would otherwise be saved in various locations like on the users phone, digital camera, on the internet, and in physical form in their office. The goal of My Mood Board is to converge all of these different media into one easy to use application so that the user can streamline their creative process.

Download a PDF of my complete process book for this project here!

My Mood Board application for ipad from Laura on Vimeo.

Chili Recipe

My final project in Experimental Typography class was to design a chili recipe card. We could pick any kind of chili recipe. Our professor encouraged us to choose a recipe that would be conducive to imagery and lend itself to a certain esthetic. My recipe is for Hellfire Habanero chili. My design is a mix of hell, spicy, and western imagery. The paper stock I used was this BRIGHT florescent orange paper.. I wanted something that screamed HOT and that would work well with my design. Unfortunately this made the final printed piece very difficult to photograph since cameras and scanners don't register florescents or red/oranges very well. I did the best I could but it looks best in person! This piece was printed using 3 custom ordered polymer plates.

The last picture kind of shows how bright the paper really is.