Friday, December 16, 2011


My last project for my Studio Production class was a collaborative one.

The class was split into two groups. Each group became a fake creative Studio. We had to create a printed piece that would showcase our "studios" work yet look cohesive enough to represent the studio as one branded identity. Our group decided to call our "studio" Red Hood. We came to the conclusion that all of us were pretty strong in hand-done typography and illustration since Kent State University puts an emphasis on hand-done design skills. To showcase this we each illustrated a page in a summarized version of the story Little Red Riding Hood. We gave ourselves these limitaitons: Each spread had to have some hand-drawn elements and reflect our design esthetic as an individual and each spread must be grey-scale with red the only color being allowed.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey ya'll!

It's been a while since I've posted on here.. I've been so busy with school! But guess what? I'm DONE! FINISHED! OUTTA HERE! I graduated about a week ago. Yay!!!

Anyway, I took a class called Experimental Typography this past semester. It's a pretty sweet class that mainly uses letterpress (screen printing, stencils, digital printing, etc. may be used in combination with letterpress) to create and print designs.

One of our projects was to design an event poster. That's it. Any event, any size poster, any colors, any whatever. The event I came up with was a scary movie marathon titled "AHHHHS*!!" (or AHHHSHIP..AHHHSHOT...AHHHSH... you get it). The assignment was given to us around Halloween time, which happens to be my favorite holiday! I absolutely LOVE scary movies, so this was a fun project for me.

I ended up using silver ink and this speckled grey gravestoney paper. The image was digitally printed first then all the type was (painstakingly) handset by mwha.