Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nontraditional Book

I finally got around to photographing my nontraditional book! The prompt was to take a trip, ANY kind of trip and tell the story of that trip in a nontraditional form. My trip was to West Point Market's gourmet chocolate department in Akron. I LOVE chocolate, especially dark and fine chocolate so this trip was definitely fun for me. I got to meet the employees, taste test some fine chocolate, and experience the atmosphere of West Point Market in a more in depth manner.

My book took the form of pirouette wafers. A Pirouette is not just a ballet move but also a delicious rolled cookie/wafer treat! They're kind of like up-scale cookies which is why I chose to model my book off of them since West Point Market is an upscale grocery store. Conceptually I liked how the wafers were crunchy on the outside and filled with chocolate on the inside. That became the theme of my story, "Sweeter on the Inside". I found that West Point Market doesn't seem like much from the outside but once I went in and got to know some of the employees my experience became more personal and in a cheesy way "sweeter". Also a lot of the chocolate that I tried came in individual packages. The chocolate was literally sweeter on the inside of the package.

The book is chocolate scented and inside the gold foil bag in the center is 15 pirouettes for the reader to munch on while they read my story. I figured I had to include something sweet since I describe lots of delicious treats throughout the story!

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  1. haha I saw this in person! Do me a favor and read the poem I have on my blog!...I don't know what happened to my old blog =[