Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Final Star Trek poster

If you haven't read my earlier post of this here's a synopses of the project:
I was prompted to create a poster that describes an unfamiliar process in a strong visual way. The process I chose was how to achieve top rank (fleet admiral) in the Star Trek universe. I chose this topic because I have been a big fan of the series for a long time and I also wanted to diversify my portfolio by including a piece that speaks to the sci-fi geek aesthetic. I started out with two very different concepts; one was a modern, "grungy", technological space look and the other was an art deco inspired 1950's era sci-fi throw-back look. I ended up going with the 1950's era concept and focusing on the original Star Trek series because this would be appealing to a larger audience (through my research I found that majority of Star Trek fans are fans of the original series while only some are fans of later series and there is much debate over which later series is better than others). This poster would be sold at Trekkie conventions as well as the official Star Trek website.

I made a lot of changes along the way. I made the box shapes have arrow tips on them to give the user a better sense of direction while going through the process. These arrows also bring in the 1950's Art deco angles present in the title at the bottom of the poster and in the finish line at the top. I reorganized the process to make it one long process. The line no longer stops as it did in the first version of this poster. There are a few different versions of the Star Trek rank structure, this version is closest to the original series structure. I incorporated subtle a grungy space-like/paint splatter texture in the background (this was actually from a different design option of my poster found here). I also simplified the sub-steps on the poster by having the grey line go straight through them rather than in and out, this made it easier to follow the line.

I'm pretty please with the final piece. Let me know what you think!

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